Ipoh White Coffee

As we all know, Malaysia was a British colony. And there was this state called Perak, which was a thriving tin-mining state. The capital city of Perak is Ipoh, and this is where white coffee was originated. To be more specific, white coffees actually originated in Ipoh Old Town where migrants from China who worked at tin mines would come and gather after work. These workers came up with the idea of white coffee.

A lot of people think that the name “white coffee” refers to the colour of the coffee. In fact, the coffee isn’t white. Actually, the name refers to the process of roasting the coffee beans without adding any preservatives or additional flavouring, meaning “nothing added”. The Chinese word for this phrase is “bai” which has 2 meanings: white, and unadulterated.

The process of roasting regular black coffee beans usually involves the addition of sugar, margarine (planta) and wheat. However, the process of roasting white coffee only involved the addition of margarine, hence giving the coffee a much lighter shade.

The white coffee made in Ipoh Old Town tends to stand out more than usual coffee from anywhere else because in Ipoh, they slow roast the coffee beans under low temperature for a long time. When you take a sip of Ipoh Old Town white coffee, you will be able to taste multiple layers of flavours in the coffee, very densely aromatic. Ipoh white coffee is considered to be much healthier than regular coffee because of its absent preservatives & additives. It also has a more intense aroma and is purer in tase, giving you the “oomph” that you need.

We have a feeling that Ipoh’s white coffee will be able to stand the test of time, even if there are more and more types of new & unique drinks coming up across the globe. Ipoh white coffee is authentic, traditional and it will never be forgotten or die off.

In the modern era of globalization, you need not drive all the way to Ipoh to enjoy this aromatic cup of hot white coffee. All you have to do is get Coffee Malaysia’s 3-in-1 white coffee mixture and within seconds, you can have a cup of hot white coffee which is just as good, or better, than the traditional one served in Ipoh Old Town.