Office Phone System In Malaysia

To maintain the business operations, a good phone system is very important. There are several type of phone system in Malaysia to suit different business nature. If you are running small business, consider which kind of phone your company needs. You will need to consider the function and features available on the phone when the business grow in future. This article will be sharing the two of the most popular phone system, keyphone system and PBX phone system.

About Keyphone System
Keyphone system is a traditional and basic business phone system that suitable for company with few employees or more. Key phone is feature with multiple buttons which is for individual lines. To make a call, you will have to pick up the receiver and press a button in order to access the phone line. If the button is light up, it means that the phone line is in use. If compared with PBX phone system, key phone systems are not customizable.

Keyphone system is the most basic phone that most of the small businesses need, which come with hold buttons, speakerphone, paging, intercom, memory dialing, and timers. You can also call extension within your office with key phone system. Most of the key phone is compatible with your current phone wiring, which you can save up some money.

What Is PBX Phone System
PBX phone system connects all the telephones within the company, which also connected with public switched telephone network (PSTN). PBX phone system is a private network and employees share limited number of lines to make and receive calls.

Modern communication devices such as modems, fax machines can be connected to PBX phone system. It is cost effective as the line are shared within the office, which is suitable for small business company. PBX phone system has the same features as key phone system, but provides more benefits. PBX phone system has the flexibility and automated features that suit the needs of small business company.

PBX phone system is more scalable compared to key phone system. When you develop you size of business, PBX phone system allow you to reconfigure to meet your business changes. PBX phone system support hundreds of phone line, which require a cabinet of electronic equipment. The technician will need to install PBX phone system and connect both internal and external phone line to the equipment.

However, PBX phone system cost will be higher than key phone system. Using hosted or virtual PBX phone system allow you to enjoy cost saving as you don’t need to purchase the phone equipment, while you can still enjoy the benefit and flexibility of the system.